Cybersecurity and the Legal Landscape: Safeguarding Your Practice

For Legal Services Professionals

Watch Now to Look at Practical Cybersecurity Strategies for Law Firms

In an age where data breaches and cyber threats loom large, the legal industry is not immune to the risks associated with a digitally connected world. Protecting sensitive client information and upholding the confidentiality of attorney-client privilege are paramount concerns for legal professionals. To navigate this complex cybersecurity terrain, it's crucial for law firms and legal administrators to be well-informed and prepared.

Watch this exclusive recording, "Cybersecurity and the Legal Landscape: Safeguarding Your Practice," where we delve into the critical aspects of cybersecurity tailored specifically for the legal industry.

What to expect in this webinar recording:

  • Understanding the current cyber threats in the legal sphere
  • Insights into the regulatory landscape and compliance requirements for legal services
  • Practical strategies for safeguarding client data
  • Overview of cybersecurity tips to enhance your practice's security measures

Ensure your legal practice remains ahead of the curve when it comes to safety and security in the face of digital risks. 

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We’ll answer these common questions and more!

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What are the current threats targeting law offices?

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How do we best keep our client trust and reputation when it comes to security?

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How does my IT group stack up when it comes to maintaining security measures?


Meet Your Presenter, Sam Bloedow

When Sam Bloedow started Thriveon in 2002, it was born from a love of technology and the needs of small to midsize companies that weren’t being met by their current IT service. Fascinated by the way businesses could leverage technology to enable growth, Sam founded Thriveon with the purpose of empowering people to create business success with information and technology.

Sam is a sought after speaker and subject matter expert on the topics of IT strategy, IT management and Cybersecurity within the business community and amongst managed IT peers where he chairs a peer group mentoring others.