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Your IT service ought to be doing more than just managing the day-to-day. 

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Improved Security


Faster Response


Guidance on All Technology Needs

Outsource your IT to a proactive provider.

Current IT methods are outdated, reactionary, and don’t provide a long term IT strategy. 

At Thriveon, we provide a truly proactive IT service that brings you into alignment to best practices and guides your entire technology spend—eliminating issues before they start and allowing your business to do more with less. 

  • Faster response time

  • Fewer issues, less stress, and less noise

  • More productive employees

  • Guidance on all business technology

  • Known multi-year IT roadmap and budget

  • Less management time wasted

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Current IT services are outdated and prevent business growth

Traditional IT leaves you with repeat issues, slow response times, and support that leaves you to troubleshoot on your own. 

  • Takes valuable time away from managing the business for day-to-day issues

  • Employees become frustrated resulting in lower productivity

  • IT and business system changes lag or fail due to lack of planning

  • Leads to more IT spend than needed


At Thriveon, we believe current IT methods aren't good enough — period.

Your IT provider should be preventing issues from happening in the first place—helping you scale into a more efficient and profitable company. 

Our IT clients see:


Reduction in issues and security vulnerabilities


Hours per computer user saved annually 


Less management time


Reduce security issues and eliminate risk.

For the last 15 years, we’ve deployed a proactive IT approach with a 500-point inspection that reduces vulnerabilities by 90% and guides a business’s entire technology spend — allowing them to do more with less.

By operating on a proactive model, we have seen a more successful operation of the technology of our business, and it’s easier to plan and budget for future growth.
John K. GM


Our proven process can help make technology work for you.


Strategy & Guidance

We assign you a fractional CIO who plugs in as a member of your team to guide your entire IT spend, to build a roadmap, and budget.

Your CIO will help you:

  • Accomplish four times the initiatives while taking 80% less management time
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Save 250+ hours per computer user annually

Proactively Audit & Align

Next, we’ll proactively audit and align your company to best practice standards reducing issues and security vulnerabilities by over 90%—identifying and eliminating the risk before it’s a problem.


24/7 Support & Management

We’ll hit the ground running proving a 6-minute average engineer response time to emergency and login issues.

You’ll see:

  • 100% same-day response
  • 75% same-day resolution
  • 70% first touch resolution from our dedicated team.

Professional Services & Project Management

Finally, we complete project management and implementation to ensure a successful design, communication, vendor coordination, training, adoption, and ROI of technology changes.