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Answers, Insight and Relationships

Mike Wise Thriveon With a background in technology and business, you might think that my passion lies where those two areas intersect. You wouldn’t have my whole story though, unless you added in my passion for people and being a facilitator in conversations that lead to answers, insight, and new relationships.

When I meet with people each week, I’m driven by a desire to learn something new from them and to make connections that will help and empower them in some way. Sometimes that happens by sharing an idea or the name of someone I know. At other times, it’s just by asking the questions that provide the catalyst for their own “Aha” moment. Fortunately, that’s what I get to do all the time as a Sales Executive for Thriveon, as I meet with business executives and owners of companies who are seeking ways to improve the way they utilize technology.

Thriveon has a different approach to IT services.

By providing an outsourced IT department including business level IT guidance, we are increasing net profit for the organizations. We partner with companies that have 20 – 500 computers to make business better by helping them find ways that IT can enable their goals. This concept is new to many people and can be a little abstract at first, but the feedback I get from people I get together with is that no matter the outcome of the meeting, our conversation gave them new insight about what is possible, and they gained a new vision for what “good IT” can be.

What does “good” look like for you and your business?

Whether you think IT is fine, or your IT problems seem to never end, I would like to meet with you and have the opportunity to learn about your business, and see if there is some way that I can facilitate a connection that will lead to an answer, an insight, or a new relationship that will benefit you.

To get a conversation started, please email or call me at 651-460-9301

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