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State of the Modern Workplace

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State of the Modern Workplace

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Remote work is expected to increase even up from where it was in 2020.

Because employees are spread across different physical locations, our ability to access and utilize digital tools is no longer just a convenience; it is now absolutely necessary to modernize our workplace through technology.

Watch this introductory video about digital transformation and modernization of the workplace for your firm's highest efficiency and productivity.

What can proactive IT do for your business?

  • Enable your staff to work more effectively remotely and in the office
  • Allow you to rest easy knowing you’re protected from cyber attacks
  • Eliminate IT surprises and ensure you have the right technology to support your business plan

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We’ll answer these common questions and more!

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What is digital transformation?

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How can we work more effectively while remote?

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Will our business see productivity gains or losses through remote work?


Meet Your Presenter, Sam Bloedow

When Sam Bloedow started Thriveon in 2002, it was born from a love of technology and the needs of small to midsize companies that weren’t being met by their current IT service. Fascinated by the way businesses could leverage technology to enable growth, Sam founded Thriveon with the purpose of empowering people to create business success with information and technology.

Sam is a sought after speaker and subject matter expert on the topics of IT strategy, IT management and Cybersecurity within the business community and amongst managed IT peers where he chairs a peer group mentoring others.

CEO, Thriveon